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Talib Kweli destroys Don Lemon over CNN’s coverage of Ferguson — live on CNN



…bigger than Rap.

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i notice this guy primarily targets black men. 

obviously to get a negative response.

then comments under his videos scream

"its just a prank!!!"

"black people are so aggressive!!!"

*extreme side eye*

Black People are not props/characters in your skits.

Just want to point out he was well within his constitutional right to film ANYONE that is in a public place as it is a form of free speech. While perhaps not the nicest or smartest thing to do, the people that respond with violence are the ones that we should be more concerned about. He might’ve deserved to have his phone knocked out of his hand, but not to be grabbed by the throat.

lmao ^^^

white people defending his actions to harass black people

i’m not here to defend these guys pranking people but who the fuck do these guys think they are by immediately physically engaging them? as mentioned he is only expressing his first amendment even though he’s doing it in a stupid way. these young african american males (obviously consistently targeted by the prankers) don’t hesitate to swing or choke these guys out..

"I’m not here to defend these guys pranking people…"

*goes onto defend these guys pranking people*

Of course they’re going to swing on them. They’re being aggravated on purpose. These pranksters on their videos are always doing stupid shit, and they always get defended when they get what’s coming to them. One day, they’re going to fuck around with the wrong person and get more than a fucking phone smashed.

It’s fucking ridiculous though if a guy is just taking a selfie to fucking swing on him.

You know no one has a right to physically assault someone for annoying them. Doesn’t matter what color you are, or what your preferences are. No one should lay hands on someone else.

No, what’s fucking ridiculous is to go to a specific area — in this case, the ‘hood’ — with the objective of purposefully antagonising people (black people in this case). Especially when you’re treating them like animals in some kind of nature documentary.

No one has the right to physically assault someone for annoying them; but in this case, that ass-whooping would be deserved. Especially when accounts like this are known for this kind of bullshit. Maybe just one major ass-whooping would stop this trend of going down to the ‘hood’ and antagonising people.

Because, it’s always the white people who look like they’re well off in some way, doing this stupid kind of shit, heading to these kinds of areas and starting shit, then cry like they’re the victim when their phone gets broken.

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Scarlett Johansson | new outtakes by Craig McDean for Vanity Fair, 2014